Lijstenmakerij Daleman continues to innovate
Daleman and art are inseparable. As leading frame-makers for years, skilfully framing all types of paintings, our knowledge of art has grown enormously. We are frequently in contact with artists and art lovers, where a lot of knowledge and experience is shared. In addition, topics such as the type of paint, the choice of the canvas and the frame regularly come up Daleman is now also specialized in the restoration and cleaning of paintings.

Artists feel at home with Daleman
This is not only due to the qualities described above, but also to our intense interest in art and our interest in the artist and his/her inspirations. Meanwhile, Daleman manages a large art collection for both sales and art lending. Various artists exhibit in the store and there is also the initiative to create this web store. In this way, our knowledge and experience with regard to art and artists is not only limited to the people around the two stores, but everyone in the Netherlands can benefit from the wide range and expertise of Daleman. In addition to this comprehensive website, everyone is welcome in both shops for advice, to view the artworks and of course to order.
Important tip: If you want to view a particular work of art, please contact us first to determine in which of the two stores it is located.

New products
You can expect us to update our collection regularly. We do this in order to fill the vacancies that occur due to sales or rental with new artworks. However, we are also expanding the collection further. We do this partly by purchasing new artworks and partly by presenting on this website works of art that are still in the possession of the artist. In all cases you will also find all relevant information, such as the name of the artist, the price range and the size.
If you would like to see your choice in one of our stores first, it is advisable that you first contact us.